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Private detective in Lyon

Private detective in Lyon, INVESTIPOLE bring you, through its investigations, evidences and information you need. After several years of experience, two private detectives graduates of the Institute of Training Officers Private Research (IFAR), decided to establish the Agency INVESTIPOLE DETECTIVE to best meet your needs.

The implementation of the investigation office INVESTIPOLE DETECTIVE at the center of the business district of La Part-Dieu in Lyon, close to the central station, ensures a high mobility on the whole territory of Rhone, France and Europe.

Declared at the Prefecture of the Rhone, INVESTIPOLE DETECTIVE provides you guarantees of trust and professionalism.

Businesses and individuals, our agency benefits

Businesses and individuals regularly use INVESTIPOLE DETECTIVE for all investigations. Thanks to its know-how, high-technology equipment and its many partners (lawyers, accountants, bailiffs ...), your questions will no longer remain unanswered.

  • Company
    Your company had been victim of prejudice (unfair compete, espionage, internal or external theft, defamation, seeking debtor and solvency, counterfeits...).
    You have suspicions about your current employees (sick abusive, illegal labor, quality of work ...) and future (check CV).
    DETECTIVE INVESTIPOLE undertakes to implement an effective strategy and deploy the necessary resources to the outcome of your case (spinning, infiltration, commercial information, cameras installation, listening detection... red-handed).
  • Individual
    Adultery is now a reality for you (suspicion, sudden change in behavior, lifestyle, attendance, rumor ...)
    You are missing a proof in a marital dispute (divorce, child custody, child support review ...)
    You have questions about one of your relatives (antecedents, company, alcohol, drugs, sects, prostitution ...)
    Looking for a disappeared person (lost child, adult, fugue, heir, paternity ...)
    DETECTIVE INVESTIPOLE committed to helping you and advises you with its know-how and its methods (activity control, spinning, photos, notify adultery, hearing ...)

Intervention Area

The establishment company history INVESTIPOLE in Lyon enables highly reactivity throughout the Rhone Alps region and on the national and international territory.


24/24, 7/7, free quotes   

INVESTIPOLE - RCS n° : 501 993 604 00013 - Agrément Préfectoral n°1819/2008 - 15 bd Vivier Merle 69003 LYON
Tél : 04 72 68 17 49 - 06 29 49 75 78 - 06 10 36 75 61 - investipole@free.fr

LEGISLATION: La profession d’agent de recherches privées est régie par la Loi n°83-629 du 12 juillet 1983, modifiée par la loi n°2003-239 du 18 mars 2003 : « Profession libérale qui consiste, pour une personne, à recueillir, même sans faire état de sa qualité ni révéler l’objet de sa mission, des informations ou renseignements destinés à des tiers, en vue de la défense de leurs intérêts ». L’agent de recherches privées est mandataire en recherche de preuves, selon les dispositions des articles 1984 à 2010 du Code Civil, dans le respect du Code de Déontologie de la profession. Soumis au secret professionnel (article 226-13 du Code Pénal), le détective privé se doit de traiter chacun de ses dossiers dans la plus grande confidentialité.
Chaque mission confiée à INVESTIPOLE DETECTIVE est traitée avec le plus grand soin, et sera conclue par l’élaboration d’un rapport détaillé, circonstancié, et précis, utilisable devant les tribunaux (arrêt du 7 novembre 1962).
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